Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Card + Hello Card (Fast Watercoloring With Distress Inks)

Hi readers!
Today I have a very special mother's day card for my mom, that is easy and quick to make! Also I have another card to share, both are done with one of my favorite techniques: Fast Watercoloring With Distress Inks....

For that card, I used the Teresa Collins letter stencil (these stencils come in packs of 3 and are 8x10 - many designs in a very good price).

Of course, that technique woks with any stencil design or with negative die cut pieces.

I inked over the letters with my foam blending tools and distress inks, and then after I was done, I got my water brush (you can use any brush with water) and I blended out the color. For mothers day card, I used with water some Perfect Pearl Perfect Pearls that gives an incredible shimmer to the finish project.

Mom You Are The Best Card by George Panayiotou

The amazing shine you get with Perfect Pearls and Water.
Same technique here, I used a variety of bright distress inks and blended them out with plain water.
The technique looks so artistic, that you don't need much more for finishing the card.

Hello I Missed You Card by George Panayiotou

See you soon
George x