Saturday, March 14, 2015

THANK YOU layered stamped cards

Today I would like to share 3 cards I made using the layer stamping technique along with some masking and gold heat embossing.
The floral stamp set I used is the Wplus9 Pretty Little Peonies and it is perfect. You stamp the flower parts in different colored inks and you end up with amazing floral images!

How To Make The Cards

1. Use a pice of card stock and stamp the thank you greeting circle in the middle with Versamark. Apply gold embossing powder and then heat set it.

2. Cut a mask out of some masking paper or post it notes in the same size of the circle and stick it on top of the gold embossed sentiment.

3. Using the stamps from the Wplus9 Pretty Little Peonies, stamp the images making sure you overlap the masked circle. The final result is to show that flowers come from behind the circle.
Start with the most solid image of a flower with the lightest ink and then layer the more detailed one on top with the darker color and finish with the most detailed/outline stamp with the darkest color.
It is very easy to figure out which stamp goes with the other but you have to play with them so you get the hang of it. Then its easy!!!

4. When you move on to the next flower or leaves, stamp the same images on some masking paper or post it note, cut the masks out and use these masks to cover the stamped images so you don't end up with overlapped images.

5. Once you finish stamping, remove that masks, cut the stamped pieces to size, mat them and adhered to the cards.
You can use foam adhesive to pop them up, or normal adhesive if you need a more flat look.


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